Future strategies in a world of uncertainty: new rules, innovation and competition

In response to overwhelming requests from our industry network, the 2017 Global Patent Congress will be expanded to include wider aspects of intellectual property, and will now be known as IP World.

As your one stop shop for IP leaders, the conference will offer a mix of thought provoking and practical sessions covering a range of IP strategies involving trade secrets, designs, copyright and trademarks, as well as patents, all under the one roof.

Now in its 11th year, the conference is the largest IP leadership-level event of its kind. It’s your chance to network and benchmark with 200+ IP leaders, judges and legal experts in a collegiate environment.

Benchmark your IP strategies in our thought leading debates:

  • What should we patent? As innovations narrow and enforcement becomes more difficult, how are other IP leaders approaching their portfolios?
  • What are your peers’ experiences of trade secrets? How can you maintain them on a practical level?
  • How will others implement the European Trade Secrets Directive?
  • Details of the UPC and how to prepare for it
  • What impact will the new US presidency and Supreme Court appointments have on your IP strategy and process?
  • Updates on enforcement and legislation in China, India, the US, UK, Eurasia and Japan: plus, where is the ‘next China’ of the IP world?
  • Innovation and IP: how can your strategy incentivise inventions in the right direction for future business growth?
  • Technology industry focus: dealing with patent cycles that are slower than the rate of innovation, and navigating the complex IP structures behind open source