08 - 10 October, 2018
Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ms Guan Yuying

Director of IP Institute
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

2:00 PM Patenting Software related business method inventions: Discussion and Practice in China

• Can software and business model be protected under Chinese Patent Law?
• There’s an appeal to stronger patent protection for software-related business method inventions from the Internet industry and E-commerce practioners.
• SIPO recently revised the Guidelines for Patent Examination confirming the possibility of patenting inventions related to business model.
• The outcome of patent lawsuits on software-related business method inventions reflects the difficulty and Uncertainty of protection because of the lack of criteria for patentability.
• Suggestions for providing a better mechanism for protecting softwarerelated business method inventions are now under discussion in China.

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