Practice Insight


Practice Insight has been at the forefront of IP Big Data analysis since its foundation by Thomas Haines in 2010. Our software products help users grow their business.

Citation Eagle, our latest IP software, uncovers imminent business opportunities based on highly relevant patent citations.

  • It delivers highly relevant results about your complete patent portfolio – no more missing out on infringement, opposition or invalidity actions within key time frames
  • It helps you to discover organizations with overlapping RnD interests
  • It shows you which new companies are entering your market
  • It helps you to distinguish which of your patents can generate the biggest revenue growth for your corporation through licensing opportunities

Filing Analytics gives you intelligent and objective insight into the IP market.

  • It gives you an overview of patent filings for corporates and law firms in all major jurisdictions
  • It helps you to understand case flow trends between applicants and agents
  • It supports your strategy or planning decisions, increasing your ROI

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