Benefits of Attending


Not just a conference

Look out for bonus debates during extended our lunch breaks, addressing hot topics such as: what the law firm of the future will look like, and which countries should you look at patenting in? Listen to your peers’ perspectives and voice your views in these lively discussions!


Industry focus or cross-sector inspiration?

You make the choice between joining streams and discussions that hone in on your industry group, or mixing it up by joining others who may make you think outside the box with a completely different approach to IP strategy and management.


Off the record networking

Benefit from anonymous break-out discussion groups for in-house counsel only, led by strong moderators who will keep the group engaged in your selection of topical issues.


Focus on IP strategy

Join our lounge chair discussions with your peers about how they make strategic decisions for their portfolios. How do others approach territory selection? When should you consider the trade secret route? And how can you ensure your strategy brings the greatest possible value to your company?

Get your updates here

  • Details on the UPC: clarity on the new system and what it means for your European patent strategy
  •  The likely impact of the Trump administration on the USA’s IP framework: including withdrawal from the TPP and Supreme Court appointments
  •  Brexit: what will happen with the IP regime for designs, trade secrets, trademarks and copyright? Which model will the UK take on?


How much protection could copyright offer your designs? Should companies be relying more on copyright as a cost effective option for protecting IP?

Statistics and trends

Has there been an increase or decrease in filing for patents? How many companies bring it to trial? What kinds of companies are litigating?

Tech trends and IP strategy

Which technologies are set to launch into ubiquity and how can this inform the direction you take in your IP management and innovation process?

Around the world in… three days

Where is the new China? Where should you consider filing?

Hear overviews on patent enforcement, licencing and legislative updates in countries such as:

  •  China
  •  India
  •  Japan
  •  USA
  •  Mexico
  •  UK
  •  Russia
  •  Turkey

Brexit facts for Brits: get an update and share experiences with your peers on the impact of Brexit on UK-based IP specialists and patent attorneys. Will you be qualified to file European patents, designs and trademarks once the UK leaves the EU? What do you need to protect your future and that of your department?

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