25-27 September 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Global Patent Concerns for 2016 - 10 Patent Industry Leaders Provide Their Insight

Which country provided the strongest patent system in 2015/16? What are the key challenges SMEs need to address when implementing patents? How can you make joint development success? In anticipation to the 10th anniversary of the Global Patent Congress, Legal IQ have spoken to 10 industry leaders to provide you with insights and solutions to these questions and more in the 2nd edition of the GPC eBook. 

Download your complimentary copy here to find out what experts from Draexlmaier Group, Genovis, Munich Regional Court, Stryker Corporation, among many others, are doing to stay ahead in the patent industry.   


Find the right balance between in-house IP handling and outsourcing

In practise, the outsourcing of IP by enterprises having in-house IP departments often appears to be more complex that it may seem at first. V.O. has published a whitepaper that provides clarity in this matter.
If an answer can be found to the question whether oursourcing is indeed a serious option, it is perhaps even more difficult to determine what exactly  is to be outsourced. If the answer to the latter question is not well-founded, this may have a negative effect on the eventual profitability of the outsourcing. However logical that may sound, the path towards outsourcing has a number of pitfalls that can only be avoided by thorough preparation.
To help entreprises in making the right decisions with respect to IP outsourcing, patent attorneys Hajo Kraak and Jenny Cromsigt have recently published the whitepaper Finding the right balance between in-house IP handling and outsourcing. In this whitepaper, the authors for instance advice to make an analysis on the basis of a step-by-step plan. This analysis will enable you to determine which hiring model will suit your business best.

If you are you interested in the possibilities of outsourcing for your enterprise, we refer you to the page Outsourcing, from which our whitepaper Finding the right balance between in-house IP handling and outsourcing can be downloaded. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hajo Kraak or Jenny Cromsigt.

Leveraging IP and Patent Strategy for Business Growth

Legal IQ's latest 22-page whitepaper explores how you can monetise your IP and patent strategy with insight from tech giant IBM's Director of Licensing, Bruno Leduc and niche operator Dako's Senior Principal Strategist of IP, Tom Briscoe. Download your copy here.

Exclusive Content

Google reveal their secret to a successful IP Litigation strategy

Catherine Lacavera is the Director of IP and Litigation at Google. Named one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, a U.S. Rising Star by Legal500, and one of the most innovative in-house counsel by the Daily Journal, Google’s secret weapon in litigation wars is Catherine Lacavera.

In this exclusive interview, Maya Fowell interviews Google’s Director of IP and Litigation, Catherine Lacavera, to find out the strategic ingredients that make up Google’s winning recipe for success. 


9th Global Patent Congress - Interview with Dr Matthias Zigann

Exclusive interview with Dr. Matthias Zigann, Presiding Judge of the Munich Regional Court I giving us insight on the intellectual property litigation strategy and the unitary patent system.

Download this video to learn more on:

  • What are the challenges for companies within patent poor countries who didn't initially have litigation strategies
  • How do small patent companies get their litigation up to speed and what do they have to look out for
  • The impact on the Unitary Patent if the UK leaves the EU
  • The impact on trolls in the Unitary Patent
  • if the Unitary Patent system favours the more developed multinational corporations
  • And more.....


Leveraging IP Value at Shell - An Interview with Andrew Browne

Andrew Browne, Senior IP Counsel at Shell believes the first step to leveraging IP value is to have a solid understanding of what that value is. In this interview he outlines the steps taken at Shell to ensure that valuation methods are implemented, risks are identified and potential roadblocks are addressed. He also discusses the potential impact of open innovation and unitary patent litigation will have on the field.

The Right IP Strategies for the Right Companies - Interview with Nokia's Tommi Lehtinen

Every company's needs and priorities are different, Nokia's Head of IPR, Product Differentiation Portfolio, Tommi Lehtinen says this should determine the shape of their intellectual property (IP) strategy. He discusses these differences in need and lays out the priorities that different companies should be setting. Tommi also speaks about how the quality of an IP portfolio can support an IP strategy.

Revealing Innovative Methods for IP Awareness - Interviewing Stamicarbon's Jan-Willem Goedmakers

Integrating awareness of IP internally is a challenge many companies struggle with. Jan-Willem Goedmakers Intellectual Asset Manager at Stamicarbon reveals how they tackle this challenge as part of a wider process of integrating IP within the innovation process. Find out about their methods in this exclusive interview.

Getting the right Perspective on IP Value - An Interview with Dako's Tom Briscoe

Legal departments are under pressure everywhere to reduce costs, the key to dealing with this is to ensure you have the right perspective on costs and to have effective, internal communication says Tom Briscoe, Director – Strategy IP & Technology at Dako, an Agilent company. He underlines the importance of bringing key stakeholders to the table as "crucial" and suggests that once these key stakeholders are on board, other will begin to follow.

EPO's essential developments in the European patent system

The European Patent system has their windows open to essential developments. Several changes have taken place recently but essential preparations have been undertaken to allow further developments. Some actions might seem to be internal, but their intention is to enable better collaboration with applicants and support applicants to file quality applications within efficient patent granting procedure. 

This article written by Heli Pihlajamaa, Director, Directorate Patent Law, European Patent Office, analyses the essential developments in the European patent system. 


Here's what 10 patent specialists have to say on the top Global Patent Concerns for 2016!

What are the global patent concerns keeping the industry up at night?
Legal IQ have spoken to 10 leaders who have provided insight into the top concerns facing global patent laws in 2016. Here's what they had to say...


Recent Trends in Patent Prosecution and Litigation in Belgium

Belgium is generally considered to be a patent holder friendly
jurisdiction, where national patents are granted without substantive
examination, the thresholds for obtaining provisional measures from
courts are low, and patent-related tax benefi ts are generous. In recent years, Belgian patent law has received a major facelift, and the highest courts of the country have issued a number of signifi cant rulings on patent-related matters. This white paper discusses the consequences of these changes, and shows that Belgium is a sensible choice as the cornerstone of your company’s European patent strategy.

Questel Whitepaper: A New Paradigm?

On January 27 2014, two major tech companies - Cisco and Samsung – announced a 10-year patent licensing agreement covering a cross-license patent deal, allowing them to access the patent portfolio of their counterpart. Dan Lang, Cisco’s VP of IP, explained by cross-licensing their patent portfolios, Cisco and Samsung were taking important steps to reverse the trend and advance innovation and freedom of operation. Beyond reducing risks of patent-infringement lawsuits, licensing transactions serve other purposes. Download the whitepaper to find out more.

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Impact of the Global Business Environment: Trademarks & Patents

Legal IQ recently completed a survey on Portfolio Management in Patents and Trademarks. The study had over 600 respondents representing legal portfolio management professionals working in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Key industry commentators were invited to review the results and offer their analysis.

What’s next for Patent Portfolio Management?

Read the comments of key industry commentators of the results of a Legal IQ survey on Portfolio Management in Patents. The study explored the latest trends within portfolio management, such as uptake of new tools, outsourcing and expansion into emerging markets.


Structuring IP so its aligned with business growth: An interview with Dako's Tom Briscoe

Tom Briscoe, Senior Principle Strategist of Technology and IP at cancer diagnostics technology company Dako, discusses:

  • How to use trademark to complement patent strategy, with reference to the Apple approach
  • The "fire analogy" to explain the evolution in patent strategy: "Fire can now be used to heat up two different metals to create a stronger alloy...to help things grow."
  • Using IP to establish compatibility, co-operability and interoperability
  • The credence he gives to secrecy and being first to market
  • Balancing the need to protect IP, and getting Dako's life-saving products to as wide of a market as possible

How ST-Ericsson is Driving Revenue from their Patent Portfolio

Peter Ericsson Nestler, Head of Patents at ST-Ericsson, joins Legal IQ to discuss how to drive revenue from your patent portfolio and how to address challenges along the way. He also reflects on the impact of the America Invents Act on future patent applications, and on how he expects the IP sector in Europe is set to develop.

Adobe’s Open Innovation Concept and the Impact of Open Reach Development

Dave McAllister, Director of Open Source at Adobe Systems, joins Mikk Putk, Patent Attorney, Patent Searcher and Partner at Sarap & Partners Patent Agency and owner of the IP Insiders blog site and Stephen Jenei  Editor-in-Chief of Patent Baristas Blog, and Patent Attorney and Owner of Jenei LLC, to discuss Adobe’s open innovation system, the ongoing debate of adobe flash player vs HTML5 debate, Adobe’s open screen project and the impact and reach of open development that Adobe is embracing, such as  Flex, Brackets, and PhoneGap.
Listen to the Podcast or Read the Transcript

How to Build Your Patent Strategy

In this interview with Pharma-IQ, Dr. Morten Rosted, Head of Department, DK Patents, Corporate Patents & Trademarks at H. Lundbeck A/S, speaks on biopatent design and the important elements to building a patent strategy.


Doing More with Less in Portfolio Management - An Interview with Joni Sayeler

Companies everywhere are under pressure to reduce costs and are asking the question "How can I do more with Less?". Joni Sayeler from Uppdragshuset runs through the options that are available to those in this position and looks at how this situation will change with emerging markets appearing on the scene.

Gaining Market Insights from Patent Information - An Interview with Jason Loh Head of Global IP Frontiers Group at Panasonic R&D Centre Singapore

Companies need to make more use of patent information to gain global market insights which may not be available from other sources. This is the point Jason Loh Head of Global IP Frontiers Group at Panasonic R&D Centre Singapore makes in his video interview. He also explains the challenge facing organisations of how they can make sense of all the information they generate.

Prioritising Patent Value in an Organisation - An Interview with Isabel Cantallops Fiol, US Patent Agent, Patent Attorney at Valea

Legal IQ spoke with Isabel Cantallops Fiol, US Patent Agent, Patent Attorney at Valea about what she thinks the major trends are in the field of intellectual property. She stresses the importance of companies prioritizing value by discovering where the value lies.

Putting IP at the Heart of Your Company - An interview with Tom Briscoe, Director, Strategy IP & Technology at Dako

Having a vision of where your company is going and how IP can help you get there is central to successful implementation of IP strategy. In this video interview, Tom Briscoe, Director – Strategy IP & Technology at Dako, an Agilent company runs through what need to be done to get the buy-in to put IP front and centre in a company.

Fighting Back Against Online Infringement - An Interview with David Franklin of NetNames

David Franklin of NetNames believes that there is an increasing importance in the industry on online infringement and also the importance of protecting IP in apps. He gives us the low-down on where companies' concerns currently lie.

The World of Patents is in a State of Flux - Interview with Ravi Srinavasan

Ravi Srinivasan, partner at JA Kemp believes the IP landscape is shifting and while eager to discover which way things are moving, they are not standing still. Ravi states that, in his experience, professionals are focused on optimising their patent portfolio. In this interview Ravi runs through where he thinks the industry is currently placed.

Aligning IP Creation with Business and R&D Strategies to Drive Business Fundamentals

Maaike Van Velzen, Senior Director, IP Creation, Royal Phillips, discusses how to align IP creation with business and R&D Strategies to Drive Business Fundamentals. This focuses on how to link innovation, IP and business strategies to ensure development of products that will grow well within the business. The interview looks at how to make sure business strategies are part of the DNA of the company’s IP creations; how to work with the internal IP creation processes and get the right output; and finally how to use partnerships and external IP - with tips on management and evaluation.

Patent Portfolio Management and Optimisation

Tommi Lethinen, Head of IPR, Product Differentiation Portfolio, Nokia Siemens Network, discusses Patent Portfolio Management and Optimisation. He looks ahead and explores ways in which telecoms companies may be able to extend the lives of their patents to protect their products in this fast evolving industry of new technological development, where patent infringement remains a big problem. This interview explains the NSN global patent portfolio strategy, outlines their upcoming challenges and how to solve them, and finishes with some key takeaways for the telecoms industry.


Global Patent Harmonisation through the WIPO - 3 major initiatives set to change the face of PCT

Matthew Bryan, Director, WIPO, discusses Global Patent Harmonisation through the WIPO and three major initiatives set to change the face of PCT. In this interview on regulation, he covers the PCT 3rd party crowdsourcing initiatives: how they can help to ensure better quality patent rulings; understanding the licensing information initiative and opportunities for easier international licensing collaboration; and how the current WIPO initiative fits in with the larger strategic picture.

Webinar Powerpoint Presentation: Monetizing Intangible Assets to Generate Brand Value

Intangible assets have the power to influence competitive advantage, wealth creation and economic prosperity. In this age of innovation, it is more important than ever to consider monetizing these potentially valuable assets. This webinar powerpoint presentation outlines the various methods of monetization, explore the pros and cons of each approach, and argue the case for preserving brand value.

Transcript: Discussing IBM's Patent Strategy with Bruno Leduc

Legal IQ's editor Sam Miranda interviewed Bruno Leduc, Director of Licensing and Intellectual Property at IBM Europe, to discuss the company's patent strategy. Bruno is delivering a seminar on extracting value through licensing at the Global Patent Congress. Here is a full transcript.

What and What Not to Patent – and Dealing with Emerging Markets

Adrian Spillman, Global Head of Intellectual Property at Intercell, joins Legal IQ to discuss how to decide when to patent and how to tackle patenting in unknown markets.

The Challenges of Patenting in Pharma: Interview Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Eric Ruhlmann, European Patent Attorney Director, Senior Patent Counsel, Legal Department, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, joins Pharma IQ, to discuss the latest challenges for patenting pharmaceutical inventions and trends in global patent law.

Predicting patent costs : Finding the most effective method

Predicting patent prosecution and maintenance costs is a notoriously difficult exercice and can create frustration for those responsible for budget control. Without clarity, strategic planning becomes difficult and opportunities to expand the filing programme as a result of accurate budgeting can be lost.

Robust Patent Portfolios are Essential for Innovators

In a business environment which is increasingly dependent on data and where organisations rise and fall on their ability to protect and build on their intellectual property asset, most CEOs know how important data is. However, many still seem unaware of what they can do to make the most of their assets, including their patent portfolio...

Press Release: Yannick Biron Joins Valipat as Chief Product Officer

Former Snecma Head of Patents to take Valipat to the 'Next Level' -
BRUSSELS – Yannick Biron joins Valipat, one of the leading providers of administrative Intellectual Property (IP) services, as Chief Product Officer. The announcement was made by Valipat CEO Patrice Durand. In this newly created position, Mr. Biron will be responsible for Valipat’s product line, quality control and process optimization, as well as for developing new products for future roll-outs. He also will serve on the company's Executive Committee. Please download the press release to read in full.


A Unified Patent Court and Potential Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Europe seeks to establish a centralized patent court, finding that broad procedural changes threaten to disrupt business
as usual. By Marie-Louise Jardle, Ronney Wiklund, and Ylva Skoglösa of Valea. Find out more, download the article. First published by Managing Intellectual Property.

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