25-27 September 2017
Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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IP World Summit 2017 Agenda

IP World Summit formerly known as Global Patent Congress, offers IP leaders a mix of thought provoking and practical sessions now covering a range of approaches to IP protection and monetisation, including patents, trade secrets, designs, copyright, licensing and trademarks.


How to do Business in an Era of Disruptive Competition

In today's business era it is not enough to simply be established anymore. New entrants, determined to take the lead in their fields, are driving companies to become faster, more innovative and able to adapt to industry trends to keep up with competition.

To find out how they're doing this and what existing businesses can do to stay competitive, we interviewed 3 IP leaders on the impact of start-ups and why they are driving companies to fast-track their IP strategies.


The World of Patents is in a State of Flux - Interview with Ravi Srinavasan

Ravi Srinivasan, partner at JA Kemp believes the IP landscape is shifting and while eager to discover which way things are moving, they are not standing still. Ravi states that, in his experience, professionals are focused on optimising their patent portfolio. In this interview Ravi runs through where he thinks the industry is currently placed.

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How to Leverage Tangible Value from your IP Strategy

Intellectual value forms the foundation for market dominance of some of the world's leading businesses.

IP assets can represent up to 70 per cent of a company’s value, so there's no wonder spend on patents and trademarks is rising. Yet the true worth of IP remains difficult to measure...

Download this eBook to discover the importance of measuring the value of your IP portfolio, the pathway to doing so and how to identify flaws in your business processes.

The Fundamentals of SPC's in Europe

Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) are an intellectual property right that can extend a patent for up to 5 years.

This system of extending a patent term of protection can only be applied to specific pharmaceutical and plant protection products that have been authorised by regulatory authorities. The EU provide SPC’s to protect these products and encourage innovation in the interest of public health.

We spoke to James Horgan, Vice President of the IP federation on how SPC’s are granted and applied in Europe.

Lessons Learned Managing IP in China

To find out what progress has been made to the improvement of foreign brands’ IP enforcement procedures we interviewed one of 2017's IAM300 top IP strategists, Jeff Lindsay, Head of IP, Asia Pulp and Paper.

Foreign brands continue to face difficulty in this area, so we asked Lindsay to draw upon his many years of experience working within the Chinese IP system.


The Challenges of Patenting in Pharma: Interview Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Eric Ruhlmann, European Patent Attorney Director, Senior Patent Counsel, Legal Department, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, joins Pharma IQ, to discuss the latest challenges for patenting pharmaceutical inventions and trends in global patent law.


Impact of the Global Business Environment: Trademarks & Patents

Legal IQ recently completed a survey on Portfolio Management in Patents and Trademarks. The study had over 600 respondents representing legal portfolio management professionals working in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Key industry commentators were invited to review the results and offer their analysis.


A Unified Patent Court and Potential Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Europe seeks to establish a centralized patent court, finding that broad procedural changes threaten to disrupt business
as usual. By Marie-Louise Jardle, Ronney Wiklund, and Ylva Skoglösa of Valea. Find out more, download the article. First published by Managing Intellectual Property.

Focus on small and large patent portfolios

All things small and large patent portfolios! Take a few minutes to navigate the sessions in this IP World Summit roadmap to understand how to gain maximum access to the ideas, strategies and advice from global companies and peers!

What’s next for the world of IP?

What’s next for the world of IP? Take a few minutes to navigate the sessions in this IP World Summit roadmap to understand how to gain maximum access to the ideas, strategies and advice from global companies and peers!

A View From The Expert Judges

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China Spotlight & Global Updates

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Innovation and IP

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IP Strategy & Innovation

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