25-27 September 2017
Postillion Hotel Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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The IP World Guide to Effective Patent Enforcement

As today’s economy is driven by innovation, technologies and information, it is important, now more than ever, to ensure than your company is utilising patents in the most effective ways possible.

In this guide, four industry leading experts from the world of Intellectual Property provide insight into the ways in which patents are utilised nowadays, and suggest solutions to the key challenges in implementing an effective invention discovery, patenting software related inventions and protecting data assets.

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Exclusive Access to The New IP WORLD

What was the Global Patent Congress has grown to become IP World Summit 2017.

Why? Because it now covers more approaches to IP and monetisation on a truly global scale, uncovering all key areas of Intellectual Property, from patents and trade secrets, to copyright, licensing and trademarks.

The Need for Patent Science in the Age of Litigation

As an industry that has been at the forefront of technological innovation, intellectual property has always meant money.

When the price of oil began to slide in 2014, litigation began to creep up concomitantly, particularly cases of patent infringement between service provider companies.

With companies mobilising their IP divisions for further legal battles ahead, many organisations are looking to their in-house capability to give them a competitive edge.

This is where the patent scientist/engineer comes in. In the following interview, we talk to one of these professionals, who is bridging the gap between tech and legal in the midst of the most fractious time for the oil and gas industry.


Getting the right Perspective on IP Value - An Interview with Dako's Tom Briscoe

Legal departments are under pressure everywhere to reduce costs, the key to dealing with this is to ensure you have the right perspective on costs and to have effective, internal communication says Tom Briscoe, Director – Strategy IP & Technology at Dako, an Agilent company. He underlines the importance of bringing key stakeholders to the table as "crucial" and suggests that once these key stakeholders are on board, other will begin to follow.


How to do Business in an Era of Disruptive Competition

In today's business era it is not enough to simply be established anymore. New entrants, determined to take the lead in their fields, are driving companies to become faster, more innovative and able to adapt to industry trends to keep up with competition.

To find out how they're doing this and what existing businesses can do to stay competitive, we interviewed 3 IP leaders on the impact of start-ups and why they are driving companies to fast-track their IP strategies.

Exclusive Content

The Fundamentals of SPC's in Europe

Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) are an intellectual property right that can extend a patent for up to 5 years.

This system of extending a patent term of protection can only be applied to specific pharmaceutical and plant protection products that have been authorised by regulatory authorities. The EU provide SPC’s to protect these products and encourage innovation in the interest of public health.

We spoke to James Horgan, Vice President of the IP federation on how SPC’s are granted and applied in Europe.


Impact of the Global Business Environment: Trademarks & Patents

Legal IQ recently completed a survey on Portfolio Management in Patents and Trademarks. The study had over 600 respondents representing legal portfolio management professionals working in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Key industry commentators were invited to review the results and offer their analysis.


The World of Patents is in a State of Flux - Interview with Ravi Srinavasan

Ravi Srinivasan, partner at JA Kemp believes the IP landscape is shifting and while eager to discover which way things are moving, they are not standing still. Ravi states that, in his experience, professionals are focused on optimising their patent portfolio. In this interview Ravi runs through where he thinks the industry is currently placed.


The Challenges of Patenting in Pharma: Interview Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Eric Ruhlmann, European Patent Attorney Director, Senior Patent Counsel, Legal Department, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, joins Pharma IQ, to discuss the latest challenges for patenting pharmaceutical inventions and trends in global patent law.


A Unified Patent Court and Potential Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Europe seeks to establish a centralized patent court, finding that broad procedural changes threaten to disrupt business
as usual. By Marie-Louise Jardle, Ronney Wiklund, and Ylva Skoglösa of Valea. Find out more, download the article. First published by Managing Intellectual Property.