08 - 10 October, 2019

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IP World Summit, offers IP leaders a mix of thought provoking and practical sessions now covering a range of approaches to IP protection and monetisation, including patents, trade secrets, designs, copyright, licensing and trademarks.

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Regional Overview: IP development in Asia

Asia accounted for 47% of Patent Cooperation Treaty applications in 2016, compared to 25% for Europe and 23% for North America. Building an enforcement mechanism to further stimulate inventions and provide financial rewards will undoubtedly assist in the development of innovation in this region. ...

Market Report: The Global Intellectual Property Landscape

Ahead of the IP World Summit 2018, Legal IQ conducted a survey of over 100 IP professionals from various global regions in order to build up a picture of the global IP landscape and the patent-related challenges faced in different regions.This report looks into a number of elements surroun ...

How to Leverage Tangible Value from your IP Strategy

Intellectual value forms the foundation for market dominance of some of the world's leading businesses. IP assets can represent up to 70 per cent of a company’s value, so it is no wonder spend on patents and trademarks is booming, yet the true worth of IP remains difficult to measure...Dow ...

IP World Leader's Investment Challenges

As we look towards IP World Summit 2018 it has become apparent that IP leaders have realised that in order to enhance the strategic value of their IP and to move from being viewed as a cost centre to a strategic contributor to the business, it’s essential th ...

How to do Business in an Era of Disruptive Competition

In today's business era it is not enough to simply be established anymore. New entrants, determined to take the lead in their fields, are driving companies to become faster, more innovative and able to adapt to industry trends to keep up with competition.

Lessons Learned Managing IP in China

To find out what progress has been made to the improvement of foreign brands’ IP enforcement procedures we interviewed IAM300 top IP strategists, Jeff Lindsay, Head of IP, Asia Pulp and Paper. Foreign brands continue to face difficulty in this area, so we asked Lindsay to draw upon his man ...